Ethics for Addiction Professionals (2014)

41wEWIGsNnL-1._SY300_“If you’re to buy one book on ethics, buy Ethics for Addiction Professionals by Jennifer D. Berton. This book addresses the key ethical issues by providing clear statements of principles as seen through the lens of clinical practice. It is organized around protecting the client, client information, the community, and uniquely, the counselor. What a concept: protecting even the counselor. Buy this book!”

—David J. Powell, PhD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale University

Wondering if this book is for you? If you are an addictions counselor, work with addictions counselors, are thinking of becoming an addictions counselor, or are otherwise interested in the addictions profession, this book is for you. If you are a clinician in another profession, don’t be turned off by the title. While this book is focused on the addiction professional, the material inside the book is applicable to your practice. And if you are teaching ethics, either through a formal course or through supervising individual counselors, this book is for you.

Questions about whether this book is for you? 
Just ask us, we’ll help you out:

Ethics for Addiction Professionals                                                                      Providing up-to-date and comprehensive information, this practical guide uses clinical case examples and professional codes of ethics to help addiction counselors learn and apply ethical standards. Real-life examples of ethical dilemmas in clinical practice illustrate potential pitfalls and the actions needed when faced with a dilemma.Since most ethical decisions are not clear cut, the author explores the grey area of each dilemma and provides guidelines on how to determine the best course of action when the best course is unclear. This book emphasizes ethics as a set of guidelines aimed at protecting the client, the clinician, and the profession as a whole.

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